Fundamental Freedoms



From women and children's rights to SOGI and the rights of people with disabilities and people with albinism, we have been on the forefront of the UN Human Rights Council's expansion of equal protection.

Religious Freedom


As advocates and trial observers, we have helped defend Buddhist activists, the rights of Jewish children, abused Muslims and pastors jailed for selling bibles.   Our experts also find compromise, such as the 16/18 resolution, which protects freedom of expression and respects religion.

Labor Rights


Our ability to protect worker's rights and fundamental freedoms of association and workplace organization is bolstered by former ILO representatives among our stable of experts.  We also strive to combat trafficking and the worst forms of child labor and help our clients defend these rights.

Freedom of Expression & Journalist's Rights


Without the ability to air and share ideas, problems or improvements in governance, other human rights are undermined.  Writers, journalists, Internet dissidents and expressive artists are among the human rights defenders most in need of our advocacy and defense..

Internet Freedom & Privacy


We work with NGOs and states from all regions of the globe to develop solutions that systematically protect freedom of expression, assembly and other rights online, just as they are protected off line.  We have also developed apps to promote safety and privacy.

Freedom of Association & Assembly


We have highlighted abusive state practices and defended NGOs in Washington, New York, Geneva and Vienna.  This practice has involved the Occupy movement, school protest, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the UN.