How UNHR Helps You Achieve Your Goals


Our Approach


UNHR Geneva is a team of experienced diplomats and policy professionals who can enhance your organization’s interaction with the United Nations and its specialized agencies.   We know the UN and its agencies inside and out and can use that knowledge to leverage your organization’s profile and promote the issues you care about in international Geneva and around the world.  


UNHR Geneva can help maximize your leverage and your positive exposure, no matter what aspect of the UN is most important to you.  We train.  We advise.  We negotiate.  We educate.  We draft interventions, resolutions, and articles.  We monitor and report.  We publicize and create side events.  We build coalitions.   We provide support staff ranging from interns and secretaries to seasoned diplomats and lawyers.  We provide all these services at a fraction of the cost of sending a new representative to Geneva.  Moreover, UNHR Geneva helps you hit the ground running:  You don’t need to study new issues or glad-hand for contacts because we already know them.  

Our Expertise


Our areas of expertise, include:

· Legal reform, especially criminal and constitutional law

· Negotiation and advocacy with governments and delegations

· Business and human rights concerns

· UN Human Rights Council and treaty bodies

· Refugee, migration and humanitarian issues

· Programming to advance democracy and governance

· Atrocities prevention

· Labor issues, especially child labor and trafficking in persons

· Children’s rights, including child and youth development

· Internet freedom and freedom of expression

- New technologies in specialized and traditional agencies

· Country-specific human rights concerns and connected sanctions

· Health and human rights, including protection of vulnerable groups

Our Values


At UNHR, we aim to level the UN policy playing field by building capacity of smaller organizations and delegations so that they can better advance their perspectives. Our values emphasize working collaboratively across delegations to enhance security and improve the rule of law.  Generating publicity on issues of human rights concern is one of our strengths but we prefer cooperation to confrontation and emphasize the benefit of producing real improvement in human rights and humanitarian affairs for those on the ground.  In this way, our values reinforce our Mission: to promote human rights, international security, and the UN’s positive global role through advocacy, education, and negotiations.