Our Lines of Effort


Leveling the Playing Field at the United Nations

UNHR is a U.S.-registered 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to improving access to the United Nations and enhancing the effectiveness of small and mid-sized states and NGOs working in the UN system.  We offer training, research, and capacity-building to maximize the impact of your delegation's interaction with UN agencies in Geneva, New York and beyond. Training for new HRC members and our free virtual intern program for SIDS/LDCs are just a phone call away.


Linking International Standards with Field Solutions

Our team of diplomats, lawyers and policy experts provide information and programs that help to make international standards more meaningful by showing how they are implemented in practice.   We value improvement of international standards and work to show the meaning of these standards beyond the walls of the United Nations. This takes us to the field, where we help implement programs on human rights and development in areas such as atrocity prevention, health and human rights, and humanitarian affairs


Enhancing Civil Society Effectiveness

NGOs, business and trade groups, and civil society organizations use our representation services to advocate effectively before UN bodies on human rights, health and other issues.  We have helped companies understand health impliciations of UN resolutions, shown lawyers how to advocate for accountability, and helped NGOs fund environmentally sustainable supply chains.  As part of our commitment to a level playing field, we work with civil society organizations from all countries but only represent delegations from small and medium-sized countries.

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